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Ansaldo Energia is Italy’s largest supplier, installer and service provider for power generation plants and components and one of the world’s leading players in the sector.

It is a full-cycle, integrated operator, with the capabilities to build turnkey power plants on green field sites using its own technology and its own independent design, production, construction, commissioning and service resources.

Founded in Genoa in 1853, Ansaldo established itself right from the outset as Italy’s leading mechanical engineering company, first working in the railway sector and then manufacturing marine engines until the start of the twentieth century, when it entered the power generation sector and built its first electrotechnical production facility in Cornigliano, where the company made electrical equipment, dynamos and other products.

Since then, the power sector has played a key role for Ansaldo, which over the years has moved from steam-based power generation plants (from 1912) to gas turbines (from 1992) and full technological independence since 2005.

At the present time, Ansaldo Energia is structured around its core business activities of plants, components (gas turbines, steam turbines and generators), service work and nuclear activities (through subsidiary company Ansaldo Nucleare).

Ansaldo Energia is also active in Distributed Generation with AnsaldoTurbec micro gas turbines.

The breadth of its references, the quality, flexibility and efficiency of its products and, most importantly, the commitment, experience and professionalism of its people have made Ansaldo Energia a world-leading company with an enviable international reputation.

Ansaldo Energia currently employs about 4,500 people and has an installed capacity of 218,000 MW in 90 countries.

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The transformation of natural resources into energy is a vital step in the growth process. Ansaldo Energia has brought its machinery and power plants (and with them electric power and development) to 90 countries on all fi ve continents, confirming that it is an innovative and reliable producer and a vital technology partner for emerging economies too. Ansaldo Energia works for governments, public utilities, independent power producers and industrial customers. The company’s commercial proposition involves the use of different, but complementary, technologies and sources of energy.

Engineering, production, commissioning and service activities are managed directly from headquarters in Genoa or through the company’s subsidiaries: Ansaldo Nucleare (Genoa); Ansaldo Thomassen (The Netherlands, Rheden); Ansaldo Thomassen Gulf (Abu Dhabi). Commercial delegations represent the company in various countries in the European Union, Central and Eastern Europe, North and South America, the Middle East, the Far East and Africa.


The global energy market feeds all aspects of economic growth. Energy is an advanced technology sector that creates value both for itself and for the economy as a whole.

All operators in the energy chain have a set of global responsibilities in terms of effi ciency, reliability and the ability to interact with the other players in the system. Ansaldo Energia regards this responsibility primarily as a commitment to customer satisfaction and profitability, which the company puts into practice with a typically Italian human touch, creating a relationship based on listening, understanding needs, flexibility and the capacity to respond.

This is a relationship between people as well as between businesses, one which offers customers a reliable partner and a prompt response. Value for customers also represents value for us. An approach to business that is underpinned by the company’s organisation and culture. The company fi elds a team of qualifi ed professionals covering all the necessary competences, from research and development to engineering, from industrial production to erection, from plant installation to maintenance, totalling almost 3,500 people, all of whom share a vast heritage of technology and experience, and most importantly the ability to work together as a team, both with each other and with the customer.


Energy is our business as it has been for more than a century and a half.

Ansaldo’s electromechanical engineering activities were a constant feature of all stages in the industrial revolution, from the manufacture of boilers and electric generators to the production of complete means of transport (ships, locomotives, cars and even aeroplanes), and from steam-based power generation plants (from 1912) to gas turbines (from 1992), a segment in which the company achieved full technological independence in 2005.

Ansaldo Energia has also gained extensive experience rom internally incubated spin offs or business acquisitions: Ansaldo Thomassen, which has been producing heavy-duty gas turbines under licence from GE for the last 50 years; Ansaldo Nucleare and Ansaldo Electric Drives, which were created based on skills developed within Ansaldo. Ansaldo Energia has capitalised on all this experience, building up a body of know-how that is unrivalled in the competitive arena. The result is a world-leading Italian company with the capabilities to beat the competition in the toughest international tenders through the breadth of its references, the quality, flexibility and efficiency of its products and, most importantly, the commitment and experience of its people.

Ansaldo Energia provides plant engineering for turnkey power plants, including process, mechanical, civil, installation and start-up engineering, helping customers define the features of new power plants.

The production centre is split into three product lines: gas turbines, steam turbines and generators. All featuring advanced technology designed to satisfy the most demanding customer requirements in terms of efficiency, reliability and environmental impact.

Ansaldo Energia is leading provider of services for all types of electric power plant, offering assistance at all levels of complexity for its own and third party machinery. It handles all after sales issues with a broad range of global services, ranging from repairs and spare parts, to on-site work including overhauls and upgrades, right through to fullservice or O&M Long Term Agreements.

All product lines are managed consistently with the new service approach, designed to create customer value by optimising assets.


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