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Since its foundation in 1950, Nishishiba Electric Co., Ltd. has provided various power generation and marine electrical systems for over half a century, and our products and services contribute to every aspect of society. In addition, Nishishiba's marine electrical systems, which enable safe and efficient navigation, are widely used in container vessels that carry Japanese goods around the world, LNG carriers that support Japan's energy security, and research vessels designed to carry out exploration at sea, ferryboats and other kinds of ships.

Nishishiba has unique resources for design, development and quality assurance, based on the technological development capabilities of Toshiba Group. Leveraging 65 years of experience in monozukuri (the art and craft of making things) and advanced skills, Nishishiba offers systems, products and services that satisfy stringent requirements for performance, versatility, ease of use and environmental friendliness.

Advanced technological development and high quality are realized by engineers in various fields, including electric, machine and information engineering, as well as experienced technicians dedicated to improving their skills.

A new rotary machinery factory has been completed in December 2015. This will help us address customers' needs for today's large vessels and meet the growing demand for large-scale rotary machinery due to the increase in distributed power supplies.

Nishishiba is committed to leading the world as a provider of land and marine energy solutions. We would appreciate your continued patronage.

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We provide power generators for use in various areas, including emergency use to protect civil life from power outages caused by earthquakes and other natural disasters, use in co-generation systems for environmental conservation and energy conservation, and use in providing backup power supply to important facilities such as hotels, hospitals, and computer centers that need to operate around the clock.

Our products can cater to almost all types of motors.